When logic and logistics meet the lodging industry, we call it Lodgistics.

Lodgistics is a cloud based inventory and order management tool that streamlines operations and drives profitability. Intelligent real-time inventory and procurement for your hotel.








Why use Lodgistics?

  • Reduces costs up to 5% while increasing profitability.
  • Automates and improves internal processes across all departments.
  • Improves operational and spend compliance and eliminates rogue spend.


Our system allows users to take inventory using any browser-enabled device. The data taken from our easy to use mobile inventory process stored in a central and easily accessible location allowing multiple users access to real-time inventory. All inventory data is processed into a variety of useful real-time and historical reports.

Benefits of using Lodgistics for inventory


With Lodgistics ordering has never been easier. Our paperless ordering process allows users to place orders directly with any vendor using any browser enabled device. The ordering process is completely automated and only requires a few simple clicks.

Knowledge is power...our customizable tools ensure anyone involved with the ordering process is armed with real-time and historical information necessary to make smart ordering decisions.


Time and Cost Saving Features:

  • Easy, direct paperless ordering with any vendor, regardless of vendor's order method.
  • Guarantees Smart, well informed ordering. Users can review inventory in real time, review pricing history, check budgets and PAR levels, and much more. All from one easy to navigate screen!
  • Generate automated PO's and set order permissions based on dollar amount or manager level. PO approval process is completely automated.
  • Track essential ordering behaviors such as lead time to receive orders, accuracy and much more.
  • Use our Predictive Engine tools to receive recommended order quantities based on order history and forecasted demand.
  • Maintain a detailed list of all vendors and pricing in one easy to access location.
  • System is customizable to hotel and management company needs/requirements.


  • Improves accuracy and decreases costs by eliminating the mistakes of ordering too much or not enough.
  • Streamlines your ordering process across all departments.
  • Reduces waste and spoilage.
  • Encourages spend, vendor and brand compliance.
  • Encourages accountability.
  • Reduces rogue spending.


Lodgistics provides a vast array of reporting and analytical options. Our report options help hoteliers of all management levels analyze key performing metrics related to purchase ordering, consumption and overall hotel performance.

See what is moving and what isn't using the velocity report. This is particularly great for F&B and Housekeeping to prevent overages. Users can utilize Linen Reports to see monitor discarded items for each month, helping hotels to realize savings if your hotels are discarding linens faster than others in your portfolio.


Reports for the Corporate Team:

Reports for the Property Team:

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